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V For Version 3.0 or The Most Feature Rich AR App

Three important things happened last week – we discovered that the ceiling fan at our office can withstand hits from a ball made out of scarves, we reached 6000 likes on Facebook (self five) and our version 3.0 update came out.

Why 3.0 Is Awesome News for You

Faster detection. Rev Eye is all hell and fury :| now. We detect content in less time than it takes you to put one sock on really fast.

Added Near By feature shows you where to find #MotionPrint content close to you. It means you won’t miss out on cool content and promotions. 

Rev Eye Snap

See what your peeps are up to on Stream that shows you activity on Rev Eye.

We have become more lovable. There is more of us to love. No, that came out wrong. We are not fat but we have made loving and sharing campaigns easier.

Snap, which adds virtual objects to the real world for you to take cool pics with, now has face detection, and can also identify other body parts like hands, legs etc. Snap places the virtual objects smartly, making your selfies much easier to capture. With this update we have brought animations and imagery to the world around you. We’re open for requests from you to add what you’d want to see in your world. Write to us :) 

You can now express yourself to your heart’s content because we have added user comments feature to Motion Prints and Snap objects.

We are fixing, no, scratch that, squashing bugs!

Developer Nerdvana

By Amar Sameeran

By developing Rev Eye we have solved one of the issues present in AR which is finding an AR Portal. Various players in the market have been using indicators like Blip, Scan With Layar and other images. AR advertising seems to be a tricky solution which advertisers still don’t seem to have yet figured out, owing to the guessing game where they are not sure if the consumers are going to scan content in a relevant fashion. We intend to address this problem with the age old design paradigm of Content discovery. Use location to show prominent Augmented Locations and Media around you. We made it easy for a user to find what’s interesting and trending by compiling popular, recent and featured media lists.

near-by rev eye

We use a hybrid approach combining the best of what the best have to offer :P

Our biggest challenge was to overcome the latency issues associated with flaky connections which plague most mobile networks, we wanted the user experiences and loading times to be consistent.

a) Smarter & Faster :

We used a device based MVC approach where views coordinate with a controller which retrieves data from a local source as opposed to the cloud in order to provide a smooth, cumbersome-free experience.

The controller queries the cloud behind the scenes and retrieves the local source as and when needed in an efficient way so that the local cache always stays in sync.



b) Uber Fast AR Experiences:

We also use the same hybrid cache based retrieval for our AR Campaigns , this enables us to provide sub 20ms detection speeds ( B| )

Rev Eye

How Rev Eye Works For Tech Geeks

 Augmented Reality is no longer confined to our dreams and has now become a part of our tech infused lives . So we won’t take the trouble of explaining what this piece of Utopian art is. But what we will do is flaunt our pretty legs and talk about one AR app in particular – Rev Eye. You can say we are being shameless, or maybe not, because at the moment Rev Eye is the most feature rich AR app in the market! So, let’s talk cool, geeky tech details!

We use few feature detection algorithms as raw ingredients on the first layer. It is cooked by app making languages and garnished by best UI turning into a beautiful Dish called Rev Eye. Guys and girls can give it a shot for the damn high prize of 0$ but the feel you get is around 10^6 Dollars (Yea, I got a technical figure over here woooHoHOOOO).

Couple of years back a cool watch was all you needed to pass for a grown-up in a student bar, no you need smart wearable technologies, not any old watch that can just show the time and sparkle some diamonds. So, what are wearable technologies all about? What is Augmented Reality about? What are gaming consoles like Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus about? Voice search? Gesture commands? Let’s explore together, my fellow technoholics

Now, lets strictly get into technical aspects. We use SIFT and STAR for Object or Detection.When we say object, it can be anything which our database is trained to recognize. Bon voyage, now we are getting into deep blue sea. SIFT before entering into the actual algorithm one has to be aware of  two concepts:

  1. Key point detection: They are Points of interest which are identified across both image and scale dimensions using a “saliency”(similarity) criterion in order to boost efficiency of computation. Keypoints are detected in octave layers of the image pyramid as well as in layers in-between. The location and the scale of each keypoint is obtained in the continuous domain via quadratic function fitting. Whoa! Lots of technical specs!

  2. Key point description: A sampling pattern consisting of points lying on appropriately scaled concentric circles is applied at the neighborhood of each keypoint to retrieve gray values processing local intensity gradients, the feature characteristic direction is determined.

Images may vary in sizes, clarity and lot of noise may interfere. To sustain such variations and give the same results we subject the real time image to various procedures. First thing is to do Gaussian Blur and subject the image to scaling.

Octaves and Scales:

The number of octaves  depends on the size of the original image. While programming SIFT, you’ll have to decide for yourself how many octaves  you want. However, the creator of the algorithm SIFT David Lowe, suggests that 4 octaves and 5 blur levels are ideal for the algorithm. In the next step, we’ll use all these octaves to generate Difference of Gaussian images.

Difference of Gaussian:

Once DoGs are found, images are searched for local extrema over scale and space. For example, one pixel in an image is compared with its 8 neighbours as well as 9 pixels in next scale and 9 pixels in previous scales. If it is a local extrema, it is a potential keypoint. It basically means that keypoint is best represented in that scale. It is shown in below image:

Keypoint Localization:

Once potential keypoints locations are found, they have to be refined to get more accurate results. They used Taylor series expansion of scale space to get more accurate location of extrema, and if the intensity at this extrema is less than a threshold value then  maxima  or minima is found.

Orientation Assignment:

Now an orientation is assigned to each keypoint to achieve invariance to image rotation. A neigbourhood is taken around the keypoint location depending on the scale and the gradient magnitude. Direction is calculated in that region. An orientation histogram with 36 bins covering 360 degrees is created. (It is weighted by gradient magnitude and gaussian-weighted circular window with \sigma equal to 1.5 times the scale of keypoint. The highest peak in the histogram is taken and any peak above 80% of it is also considered to calculate the orientation. It creates keypoints with same location and scale, but different directions. It contributes to stability of matching.

Keypoint Descriptor:

Now keypoint descriptor is created. A 16×16 neighbourhood around the keypoint is taken. It is divided into 16 sub-blocks of 4×4 size. For each sub-block, an 8 bin orientation histogram is created. So a total of 128 bin values are available. It is represented as a vector to form keypoint descriptor. In addition to this, several measures are taken to achieve robustness against illumination changes, rotation etc.

Keypoints between two images are matched by identifying their nearest neighbours. But in some cases, the second closest-match may be very near to the first. It may happen due to noise or some other reasons. In that case, ratio of closest-distance to second-closest distance is taken.

What Now?

This is what we are efficiently and persuasively envisioning for Rev Eye in the future:

1) Real time training

2) Reverse image search against database

3) Scale and rotation invariant

4) 360 degree orientation with minimum tracking error


Basically, Rev Eye is set to become a physical search engine –  Google for the real world.We are gonna change the way you see your world :)

You can check out how Rev Eye works in the Explore section of our site or check out our Youtube channel 

Drop us a line or comment, what do you think about it all! (C.T.O – Rev Eye) , (RnD Engineer – Rev Eye)

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

10 Reasons You Should Read an Augmented Reality Newspaper

The Sunday edition of the large South Indian daily Deccan Chronicle has been published with Rev Eye Augmented Reality app. Now every Sunday is a #MotionPrint Sunday. Grab your phone, download Rev Eye and scan Sunday Chronicle with the app for extra content. Here are 10 reasons why you should give it a go:

Rev Eye Motion Print Deccan Chronicle

1. You have always known, as a responsible adult you should be aware of the political situation in the country. And generally you, of course, do care, debate, share and are aware. However on a lazy Sunday morning you are more inclined to read about cute, pleasant and simple things like celebrity clothing disasters, 5000 calorie chocolate desserts and dancing babies. Motion Print is so engaging  it will keep you concentrated on the articles that make you smarter.

Try right now on a 500 Rupee note and see Gandhiji’s lips move (scan both sides of 500 Rupees)! Scan an actual Rs 500 note or a digital version here.

Scan this!

Scan this!

2. You see a picture of a hot actress, actor or a model and wouldn’t mind seeing a swimsuit shot too. However, you are slightly concerned about the reaction your significant other might have to your internet search. But, if the Motion Print extra content has already provided a slideshow of beautiful pictures, you can’t be blamed. All you did was scan the article with Rev Eye, it’s not like you went searching for them. It is our fault, not yours!

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

3.You are discussing a historical figure with your friends mentioned in the article. You have a vague recollection of what that important person did, a very vague recollection indeed. But you will only admit it over your dead body. Your pride is on the line. So, scan the article and discretely click on the Wiki link we have provided to find out all you need to know and once more be the wise leader of the group.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

4. Roses are red, violets are blue, chicken butter masala fills your trainer with dread, you know you shouldn’t eat it, it’s true. But the recipe is so delicious, you think he is just being malicious. The Epicurious column in the Sunday Chronicle has extra content — how to videos and images of recipes that will make your mouth water.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

5. You know how there are people who thought internet wasn’t a good idea? Don’t be one of those people, be the technology guru, the entrepreneur, the man with a plan, the visionary. Augmented Reality is coming for us both in advertising and editorial content. Be the one who catches on early.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

6. Sunday is great for slowly perusing social media sites and catching up with friends updates and fun and frivolous articles. All Motion Print pages have instant share options so you can easily contribute to the great human exchange of information.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

7. Doing sports is healthy but hard, following sports is fun and not at all hard. But the Motion Print content for the Sportfolio page is so dynamic it might even inspire you to make the next Monday the day when you finally stop paying charitable donations to the gym and start using it.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

8. According to statistics we check our phones on average 150 times a day, taking into account the 8 sleeping hours it is every 6.4 minutes. We also use our smartphones and tablets whilst watching TV, often to look up more information. We like our phones and, being the babies of the information era, we like knowing things, collecting data. Motion Print articles feed your natural desire to know more, valuable and interesting things.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

9. The stars say that next week will be good for asking for a promotion but also for keeping a stern eye on the budget at home. Rev Eye let’s you share this information online so that your boss would have time to realize you are a valuable employee and he has to suppress his natural reaction of raised eyebrows and snarky comments, and your kids would stop in their tracks asking for the latest iPhone, again.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

10. You see a great offer, your adrenaline spikes, you are ready to get up and go only to realize the offer is for a restaurant that is 40 kilometers away and only open for another half an hour. You sink back into the couch, feeling of betrayal washes over you. Unlike other promotions, Motion Print published ones are always relevant because with the help of GPS Rev Eye app knows where you are and what’s relevant to you.

Happy about Rev Eye Motion Print

Sunday Chronicle Motion Print articles offer a new experience of reading newspapers, and like Barney Stinson said, “New is always better”. Rev Eye Motion Print articles really are, offering engagement, information and innovation.

Deccan Chronicle Motion Print

Deccan Chronicle Motion Print

The Interrupted Swan Song of Asian Newspaper Industry

Surfing the net on a rainy day one can come across quite few innovative advertising campaigns using Augmented Reality, like the IKEA catalogue, Hagen Dazs ice cream violinists and National Geographic dinosaurs. Enriching content of books, magazines and newspapers with AR has slightly fallen behind the ads even though there is no reason why it should.

Last week we partnered with Deccan Chronicle, a South Indian English daily newspaper. We started by Motion Print enabling their Sunday edition cover story about “an Indian version of 50 Shades of Grey” giving a trailer to the saucy book. We also enabled one of their most read columns about food giving photo and video instructions on how to make the recipes and, lastly, the Astroguide giving cool pictures of different horoscopes and a share option.

Couple of years ago the media industry speculated that humans have grown a new vestigial limb, and that limb was newspapers. For example, in 2012 circulation had dropped by 6.6% in USA, 5.3% in Western Europe, 1.4% in Middle East and Africa. In a brotherly unison, the advertising revenues followed the circulation. Though, interestingly enough, or maybe not so much since these are developing economies, circulation grew in Asia and Latin America.

With everything digital becoming more prominent, it seemed it was time for newspapers’ Swan song. Perhaps The Beatles “Yesterday”:

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away

Now it looks as though they’re here to stay

Oh, I believe in yesterday

But the newspaper folks are savvy folks. We imagine, they came together, smoked a pack or two each and started focusing on digital subscriptions. In 2013 sales started picking up, and digital advertising revenues went up by 15%. Though the somewhat late expansion in digital is still being counteracted by a reduction in newsroom staff and frequency of print, in some cases to three times a week.

The question stands – can digital save newspapers? Our answer is no and yes. No because silly, little us believe that there will always be a place for quality journalism, hence, it won’t need saving. Deeply researched, splendidly written and well timed pieces of human excellence will stand up for their own place in society. And so will the less heroic sounding but equally important feel good pieces about recipes, gardening, outfits and animals meant to be read on a late Sunday morning before the farmers market, during your second cup of coffee and after the Sunday morning frolicking with your significant other. And before the day comes when really good, free internet access covers the whole globe and smartphones and tablets are a birthright, newspapers will have their place in our lives.

The yes goes for what digital can offer, which is cost saving reach – a platform for all the great journalism already being done -, and extra content .And, of course, digital can save newspapers from becoming ad dumpsters. Everyone has seen the free papers filled with nothing but ads practically shoved down our throats on streets .

Newspapers going digital are creating a usage pattern that we are going to attempt to brand as ‘second engagement’. When a story in a paper interests us, we will read it and then go online and try to find more information on the subject. Or find the same information for the purpose of sharing it with our social circle.

Deccan Chronicle Motion Print

Now, how great was it if a well developed digital platform of the same newspaper was the first thing in our search results? Here is the catch, Deccan Chronicle Motion Print articles are giving the extra information immediately. It is right there – read, care, share. Plus, the digital overlay of share buttons with predisposed hashtags and links is driving people to the paper’s online assets . Starting with Motion Print content means that by the time advertisers come knocking interested in exploring opportunities of Motion Print, a paper already has an audience adapted to using Augmented Reality.

Western newspapers were pushed into digital after the decline in circulation. We can only agree with the print industry of Asia that going into digital before suffering losses is the smart thing since it does not seem that the civilization will be returning to stone age any time soon. We stick to our words, even if it does sound slightly presumptuous.

The Luxury Box

Rev Eye powers the world’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid!

What we are extremely excited about is the launch of the world’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid The Luxury Box, envisioned by the organizers of The Indian Luxury Expo in partnership with Rev Eye. The Luxury Box is fully enabled with Rev Eye, meaning that when you will read the cover story on Aston Martin Rapide S and scan the image, you will feel as if the car is right in front of you!

Check out the video of the Aston Martin cover story to see, what happens, when you scan The Luxury Box with Rev Eye:

Just in case you are interested, The Luxury Box is currently available in the biggest stores in Hyderabad, India with a nationwide launch upcoming…who are we kidding, of course you are interested! :) Click here to check out the map showing stores in which you can get your hands on The Luxury Box.

World's only Motion Print luxury tabloid

World’s only Motion Print luxury tabloid

So, why did we partner with Jukebox Media and decide to shake up the luxury industry with a pioneering product that has no equivalent anywhere in the world (hence we had no clue, how it would go down with customers)? First of all, because we all are on this crazy adventure called life and risks should be taken. Secondly because our experience with the Indian Luxury Expo proved us that Augmented Reality and luxury are perfect for each other.

Rev Eye Motion Print is not a pretty trinket or an add-on, it brings value to customer and brand interactions. Customer attention span is decreasing and with so many commodities to choose from, customers need to feel a connection to a brand, identify it as ‘their kind of brand’. Especially it goes for luxury items.

The cost and status symbol of which means people who own them enter into a special, often, lifelong relationship with the brand. Rev Eye Motion Print can facilitate formation of this relationship like no other form of advertising.

Take a luxury car ad printed in an upscale magazine, like the Aston Martin Rapide S in the video. When a user scans the ad, the picture of the car would turn into a 3D model that can be rotated to view it from different angles. Tap on different parts of the car and get technical specifications. Change the color of the paint and material of the seats. Customize the car in every way you like. And, finally, call a private number, that can only be unlocked through Rev Eye, to get exclusive access before anyone else.

Rev Eye Motion Prints emphasize the VIP relationships luxury brands have with their clients.

Like The Luxury Box Facebook page to find out first when the world’s only #MotionPrint luxury tabloid is coming to your city!  Cheers to crazy adventures and new ideas!